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    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Imed's Journal --- h4. Prologue |[[Imed Entry 0]]|[[Imed Entry 1]]| h4. Keep on the Borderlands |[[Imed Entry 2]]|[[Imed Entry 3]]|[[Imed Entry 4]]| ---

  • Imed

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Dramatis Personae]] >> Imed --- p=. [[:imed-brosch]] *First Impressions...* _"Truly, now, there is no need for despair! Ease your tensions and spirits before Saint Amira, and all will soon pass."_ A quarrel …

  • Imed Entry 0

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> [[Imed's Journal]] >> *Entry 0* --- Rolth, Solomaria Saint Zariel’s Day, 2/3 To Your Most Divine Baroness, Amelia of the North, Flower of the Fields, I regret that I cannot bring my annual report in person …

  • Imed Entry 1

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> [[Imed's Journal]] >> *Imed Entry 1* --- Entry 1 Rolth, Solomaria Saint Zariel’s Day, 2/3 The events that have passed of late are as described in the second copy of the letter, placed above this entry. I have …