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The Archmages of Malachi. The City of Dreams is home to five archmages. Though their rivalries keep them from being a true affiliation, they are still a force to be reckoned with, and the current Greyweaver is too young to have much influence over then. They are Cassana, Kos, Murron, Tempus Rex, and the Veil.

The Church of Orelia. The Bright Lady’s faith falls under the guidance of the Clave, a body made up of five Archbishops, each representing one of Brynthia’s nations.

The Greyweaver. This wizard’s title has been passed from master to student since arcane magic was discovered. Most wizards respect the guidance of the Greyweaver, who has always lived in Castle Grey, on the slopes of Mt. Araumorn in Umberland. The current Greyweaver is a young human female named Dane.

The Kind Word. Based in al-Saraf, this brotherhood of assassins is ruled by a mysterious overlord known only as the Grandfather of Assassins.

The Knights of the Chalice. Based in the Solomarian city of Zeno’s Gate, this knightly order protects the land, and guards a secret at the heart of Castle Stonefist.

The Knights Templar. This knightly order operates from Castle Warminster in Silverland. Formed during the Crusades, they embrace chivalry and the will of their king.

The Ministry of Shadow. This arcane guild makes its home in the Shadowfell, which they claim to rule. They also claim to know everything that happens in every shadow. While such claims seem impossible, they are peerless spies.

The Nine Circles. This druidic order is ruled by the Grand Druid from the Ghostwood in Armandy. The former Grand Druid, now known as the Hierophant, wanders all of Brynthia, and does not recognize the new leader’s authority. Faolan belongs to this order.

Speartooth Goblins. This tribe occupies the southern Caves of Chaos. Their chieftain, Haggon, has allied the tribe with the bandit wizard Bargle.

The Wings of Hope. This is Imed Brosch’s knightly order, based in Solomaria and dedicated to St. Amira. Baroness Amelia of the North, Flower of the Fields, leads this fellowship.


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