Faolan Entry 1

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I hope this note finds you well. I’m sure some day I’ll come to trust the birds as you do, but I’m a bit worried about this particular messenger. I watched this one unable to focus on eating some stray fruit from the ground for more than three seconds before it fluttered somewhere else. Then it would look lost and flutter back to the fruit.

The idea of it traveling any more than a few feet before forgetting where it was going seems pretty fantastic. Almost as fantastic as my present company. Apparently, some god still has it out for me – the clergy I was hoping to avoid have ended up right next to me.

To start, I met a paladin by the name of Imed when I first entered Kendal Keep. And quite frankly, I can’t wait until I can get rid of him – not that he’s a bad person. Quite the contrary, I get the feeling a few saints would blush if they were compared next to him. He’s an overflowing well spring of good intentions and desire to help. I can only hope he doesn’t decide I need his help – or has the grace to not poke his nose in my affairs in some misguided effort to “help”.

To complement our paladin, I am traveling with a Deva cleric by the name of Adara. A Deva. Cleric. Of course she’s devoted to her god, and of course she has brought people back from near death with its favor. When she prays, I have to look away. And when her prayers are answered, I need to go do something else. Two years was not long enough, Mathuin. I still miss Sabrina. A lot. And all this Deva has to do is utter a few words, and it threatens to come back.

I want to get this assignment over with and away from all these religious types. Curiously enough, the reason why I’m even here is also the only member of our group that isn’t fighting for some god or another. Hugh is… well, I don’t really know. He doesn’t like to talk about it. I also don’t particularly care – it is nice enough to have someone else who doesn’t feel the need to pray after every little thing. He can apparently speak Draconic, but has been a bit ambivalent on if he’ll be willing to translate. I don’t have much, but I guess if I can’t win him over or extract a favor by the end of this current escapade, I’ll offer him some coin.

Yes, I’m not even heading toward the Dusk Thunder – I know the mission was urgent. From what I understand, Hugh is with these religious types for the near future, on a mission to rescue, or at least find, a paladin that hasn’t shown up in a few days. When we set out, we ran into an ambushed caravan – bandit attacks are becoming a problem around here. The carnage from the attack was… brutal. I’m pretty sure that’ll be lingering in my dreams for a while.

After the Deva saved a dwarf with a prayer – which I needed to make myself scarce for a long while – we went out bandit hunting. I got a lot of my frustration out on the poor thieves – I’m not really ashamed to say. I don’t think my display of Druid magic set my companions at ease though. At any rate, it made me feel calm enough to let a bandit we had captured go rather than hang him right there. From said bandit, we got directions to where this paladin is being held – the Caves of Chaos.

We found it as the sun was setting – and the name was very well earned. These caves must have really worked hard to be as chilling and creepy as possible. Just looking into the mouth of the cave sets shivers down my spine.

And, we ran into an unusual cleric – she had been resting on a rock outside of that foreboding cave and woke up sounding like she slept on a four poster bed. Her name was Aleena, I think, and as I said, she was another cleric. It’s almost enough to make me wonder if they’re still looking for me. As it is, I’m pretty sure my hood will be up for a while. I wanted to finish this before we actually enter – it could be a long while before we get back out again.

Spirits of Nature, guide and support me. I need it now,

Posted 04.18.2011

Faolan Entry 1

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