Faolan Entry 4

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Dear Mathuin,

I’ve finally met with the Lizard folk in the marshes. I understand Druids are supposed to enjoy all aspects of nature and the land around us, but I far prefer the Direwood to that infernal marsh. Sliding back a half-step for each step you trudge through the muck is one of the more unpleasant things we’ve had to deal with.

My grumblings aside, it turns out the lizardmen that attacked us were from this tribe here – the ringleader of our marauding band was this tribe leader’s, Voorix’s, son. The wizard in the Caves of Chaos that we killed, Bargle, had enticed most of the Dusk Thunder away from your teachings and to join him.

I was originally elated to learn that we managed to fix the lizardmen problem by slaying the wizard, the more I think about it, the more troubled I am. There were only three lizardmen that attacked us in the Direwood. Voorix’s son was with the ones we killed, which would imply that they were sent to kill us. From what I saw, there was very few of the Dusk Thunder left – more than three lizardmen had to have defected. I’m concerned about the lizardmen that defected that didn’t attack us. Also, we still don’t have a motive- I can’t fathom why Bargle would even send lizardmen for us.

I’m forced to conclude that Bargle’s lizardmen were not sent for us on purpose – we just happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time and were picked to be that night’s dinner. They don’t have any qualms about eating men. Therefore, I ask that you start looking around the Direwood and that area for more lizardmen attacks – I’m concerned Bargle had something far more sinister planned.

We’re journeying back to the Caves of Chaos to look for a magical coin Adara has gotten all excited about. I’ve also spoken recently with Opaline, she pointed me toward a crazy hermit that lives on the outskirts of the Keep I want to visit. Things aren’t looking good on other fronts as well – a paladin friend of Hugh’s, Petrus, turned out to be a changeling. Which is just bad news all around- I don’t want to contemplate who else may be lying and deceiving us.

Mathuin, I await your urgent reply about the lizardmen and I also ask for advice – I’m unsure as to what I should do next.

Your pupil,

Faolan Entry 4

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