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The DM will list any changes to the core rules in this space. Click here for character creation rules.

Benefit Points

This is a system to reward players in-game for things they do to help make the campaign better overall. (Stolen, then modified from the rules posted by Wolfhound of Horn of the North fame.)

Benefit Points function just like Action Points, with three exceptions:

  1. Persistent – Bennies don’t go away after a long rest.
  2. Maximum – You may have a maximum of three (3) Bennies. They’re meant to be used, not hoarded.
  3. Unrestricted – You may spend as many Bennies as you have in an encounter, but only once per turn.

You earn Benefit Points by contributing to the campaign fiction (see below), or when your PC has a Crowning Moment of Awesome (DM’s discretion).

Campaign Contributions

A fluffy player character (a PC with at least 250 words describing appearance, background, and personality) begins play with one Bennie.

Every time a player posts a new character prelude, journal entry, or interlude of at least 250 words, his or her PC will receive the player’s choice of either one (1) Benefit Point OR two (2) healing surges. More substantial contributions or collaborations may earn more rewards.

Rules Changes

Experience Points
Rather than track experience points, the DM will simply grant ad hoc level-ups every few sessions.

Healing Outside of Combat
When not engaged in a combat encounter, characters who are down a number of hit points equal to or less than their healing surge value regain all hit points after a short rest.

I found this article on a blog with a simple system for implementing morale into a 4E game, in order to speed things along. Here is the summary of the system.

House Rules

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