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Hugh Caedmion

Common First Impression:

“Buy you a drink, luv? No? Will you buy me one, then?”

His clothes might once have been fine, but they are now frayed, mud-spattered, and discolored by wine and other, less definable stains. He runs a hand through unkempt, greasy hair and smirks in a way that he must believe is charming – it is not. When you don’t smile in return, the scruffy youth scowls and turns away, muttering under his breath. His attention is drawn back to the disreputable-looking men sitting at his dirty table and then to the dice in his hand. The stack of coins before him is small and mostly comprised of coppers now. It is clear that he is about to lose the last of his money to a bunch of thieves taking advantage of a besotted fool…

- . – . – . -

“I’m trying to drink away the part of the day that I cannot sleep away.”


Primordium zero