Hugh Entry 12

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We made our way back to the Caves of Chaos – who called them that, anyway? – and past the entrance to Bargle’s former lair. Expecting resistance from orcs at the least, Imed led us in, though I stood nearby with my sunrod lighting our way. At a four-way intersection barely ten feet into the tunnels we saw the torn remains of a large net. While we puzzled over that, we came under attack – but not by orcs.

A charnel smell wafted from an open chamber to our left, and several zombies came lumbering toward us from the gloom. A necrotic curse flew over the heads of the undead to collide with the hapless paladin, revealing an even greater threat – a wight! Rounding out the undead horde, a ghoul charged forward and sunk its filthy claws into Imed’s flank. He bled freely, but that was nothing new. And I thought all that armor was supposed to prevent this sort of physical assault.

We moved to support the Solomarian with spell and prayer, and the zombies fell quickly to our counterattack. The other undead were another matter; they proved far more resilient than the rotters, and even the shadows were not sufficient to protect me from their claws and dark magic.

If not for Adara, Imed might have died, and he definitely lost consciousness for a terrifying couple of moments. Honestly, I’m not sure that he’s cut out for the life of an adventurer. Perhaps he really did get a vision from Saint Amira, but it seems to me that if she sent him out on this holy quest, she would have better prepared him for what he would face. Maybe he was expected to lean on Saint Relonor’s aid to make it through. I don’t know. I’m not the most pious guy, and the motives of the gods have never made any sense to me.

At any rate, he didn’t die, and we did eventually smash the undead trying to kill us. I was actually able to control my magic for the most part and do most of the heavy lifting – for once. Hellfire and harsh, killing light made an end of our enemies.

This holy coin better be worth it.

Hugh Entry 12

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