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The Imperial calendar has a year of 360 days, divided into 12 months of 30 days each. Each month has 5 weeks of 6 days each. The months are Brenarius, Februarius, Vermus, Aprilis, Sarius, Aurius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, and December. The weeks correspond to the Pentacle: Dragons, Keys, Coins, Swords, and Crowns. The days of the week are Sunsday, Moonsday, Seasday, Windsday, Firesday, and Stonesday. The full moon falls on the 16th.

Event Date Event Date
New Year’s Day 1/1 Lammas Day (1st Harvest) 8/1
Saint Zariel’s Day 2/3 Saint Zander’s Day 8/21
All Kings Day 2/14 Autumn Equinox (Mabon) 9/16
Vernal Equinox (Ostara) 3/16 Saint Dargent’s Day 9/29
Redemption Day 4/19 Saint Relonor’s Day 10/3
May Day (Beltaine) 5/1 All Hallows’ Eve 10/30
Saint Randell’s Day 5/11 All Saints Day 11/1
Summer Solstice (Litha) 6/21 Kinship Day 11/22
Saint Kathryn’s Day 7/22 Winter Solstice 12/16
Saint Amira’s Day 12/17

The Elder Reign (9800 Before Discovery? – 3664 BD)
9800 BD? Queen Penthesilea Starblade founds Alfheim. Elven history begins.
6699 King Magni Stonehammer founds Kuldarune. Dwarven history begins.
6567 The orc nation, Mog Garog, is founded by Magog Gruumsh. Wars with elves & dwarves begin.
6510-6322 The Kindred Wars are sparked by the assassination of Queen Tariana Starblade. Lolth leads the rebellious elves into their exile in the Underdark, where they become the drow.
6265 Alfheim and Kuldarune crush Mog Garog.
5661-3664 The drow frame Alfheim for the murder of dwarven King Jorund Fireaxe. The resultant Weeping War ends in the Sundering of Alfheim and Kuldarune; the gods Ban mortal use of arcane magic. Dragons rule Brynthia’s fledgling city-states.

The Rise of Humankind (3664 BD – 1 BD)
3300? The Ankharan Empire is founded by Pharaoh Aten I. Human history begins.
3200? The continent of Lyra is unified under Emperor Creon.
2700? The first Ankharan pyramids are built.
2500? Yellow Emperor Cheng founds the first Dynasty of Tai Shan.
1900? Lyra is destroyed by the gods for using arcane magic.
1200? The Achean city of Partha falls to a gift horse bearing soldiers.
781 The first Achean Games are held.
756 Tiberius Caesar founds the Tiberian Empire.
513 The Tiberian Empire becomes a unified Republic and begins its conquest of the known world.
565 Tiberian forces sweep into Solomaria.
464-410 al-Saraf attempts several unsuccessful invasions of Achea.
423 Great Solor drives the Tiberians from western Solomaria, and founds Solorune where Isca stood.
323-120 The Tiberian Republic invades and conquers Achea.
304 Malach the Red founds Malachi.
47-30 Faustus Caesar becomes Tiberian Emperor. He is murdered, then succeeded by Claudius. Tiberia becomes an Empire again.
23-6 BD The Tiberian Empire invades and conquers the Ankharan Empire.

The Shadow Years (1 After Discovery – 499 AD)
1 AD Randell Silverblade’s Discovery of Magic. The gods Turn Away. Vecna founds the Empire of Inverness, which grows to encompass most of Brynthia.
5 Saint Amira Chrysomer persuades Orelia to return.
6 Randell kills Vecna, who returns as a lich.
7 Imperial territories call for independence, beginning the Border Wars.
11 Saint Amira is murdered. Vecna perishes at the Ring of Fire.
212 Randell dies to raise Malachi and free Silverland from Imperial rule.
288 Solomaria wins independence from Inverness.
389 Idris Ringhammer brings independence to Umberland, ending the Border Wars.
415 The Tiberian Empire’s new warforged soldiers turn against them, and the Empire falls to Darkland raiders. Acheans and Ankharans drive all remaining Tiberian forces from their lands.
458 Armandy wins independence from Umberland.
484 The River Athis dries up, and the Ankharan Empire perishes.

Out of the Ashes (500 AD – 1306 AD)
634 Inverness conquers Caledonia.
713-725 General Lucien Hawkwind’s rule of Solomaria (and subsequent execution) results in the creation of the Solomarian Confederacy and the Council of Seven.
793 The Norse tribes of the Darklands first raid Brynthian shores.
862-984 The Crusades are waged against al-Saraf. The Chalice of the Saint is lost.
874 Thorgeir becomes the first King of the Norse.
1025 The kingdom of Morovia is founded.
1066 The Norse fail their last major Brynthian raid.
1079 Tai Shan falls to Darkland steppe riders.
1206 Alexandrius I becomes Emperor of Inverness; wars with neighboring lands follow.
1248 Kyrin Diamondmask traps the Tarrasque near his keep during a Grand Eclipse.
1251 The death of Alexandrius III ends Imperial aggression.
1262 A major Arcais expedition departs for the Orient; it is never heard from again.
1271 Gnomes reactivate warforged soldiers to the northeast of Brynthia, forming Imperium Ex Machina. Kendal Keep is built in southwestern Silverland.
1282 Hugh Caedmion is born.
1289 Ariana d’Antelle becomes Queen of Armandy and declares the Age of Wonder.
1293 Dargent Thunderfire becomes King of Silverland.
1296 Aleena becomes curate of Kendal Keep.
1290-1300 Morovia falls to Arkhold Keep’s forces.
1301 The present.


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