Prelude: The Discovery

Blessings Go With You

Posted by GnomeSplosion

“Now where was it…” A crash is heard in the reliquary and resounds through the cavernous hallways of the Grand Cathedral. Another crash and a clang are heard as footsteps begin to scuffle hurriedly toward the source of the cacophony. “No, no, no… It’s not here either. Detrius, move that sculpture please?” The sound of grinding stone on stone is heard as footsteps near the door to the Grand Cathedral’s reliquary. The door swings open and a number of scribes and priests look into the room to see a beautiful pale skinned Deva pacing back and forth. “Where in heaven did I place that Arcane-Output-Junction?” She purses her violet hued lips, the color of lavender flowers, and places a finger to them thoughtfully, oblivious to her audience.

“It was here just a day ago,” she states as the onlookers shake their heads and begin to depart. The younger ones stay on to watch the lovely woman rummage through an ivory chest. The room is a disaster, towers of books – some notes and some texts – loom over tables and benches strewn with objects of various divine and arcane nature. Alchemical reagents and bottles and tubes occupy a workbench in the back corner that is marred with knife notches and small singe marks. A large constructed man, a humanoid machine forged for some ancient purpose (and obviously not in the best condition ever) stands beside an almost draconic statue. It almost has a distressed look on its near expressionless face.

The woman paces farther, muttering to herself and ticking off thoughts on her delicate fingers. Eventually the audience is gone and she is alone with her work again as she continues her search. “Detrius, do you remember where my Arc-Induction Belt is? I think I remember placing it with the Output-Junction.” The old war-machine slumps a little and mutters, “No Adara. How could I know where you put something if you put it there and not I?” She continues her search under a pile of alchemical scrolls and retorts, “Well, I thought you were supposed to be my assistant?” The animated man looks at her forlornly and sighs. “Adara, you tasked me to that. I was built for war, not for lab-work.” The blue skinned woman smiles at the man-machine. “Well I’m still glad I rebuilt you.”

Adara continued her search of the reliquary pushing aside clutter and parts, stacks of books and piles of scrolls, alchemical reagents and tinkering tools. Finally she settled down on an imbalanced pile of books and sighed. “Well Detrius, looks like it may be lost after all…” The warforged man began pushing a couple of tables and a statue back into their original position and looked at his mistress. “Well it’s always in the last place you look. Perhaps you took it to your roo…” His sentence was cut off as Adara jumped up from her perch with purpose. “My room!” she exclaimed and as she tried to gracefully stand from her seated position a stray scroll rolled under her foot causing her to step off balance and catch herself on the pile of scrolls she had pushed to the end of a table.

The priestess knelt down and picked up the stray scroll and cautioned a glance at its contents so as to glean its origin point. Adara cocked her head to one side thoughtfully as she read and hummed an arcing note as she became distracted from her original search and found a seat on a bench. Detrius continued silently in his task of replacing things about the reliquary as Adara spread the scroll out on the table and grabbed a magnifying lens and began to pour over the scroll in slow detail, taking it all in. As she reached the middle and Detrius reached for a tome she gasped. “By Saint Relonor, his luck find me… This is some sort of record of an artifact!” These words caused Detrius to freeze in his work and stare at Adara’s back. She began to pour further over the scroll as Detrius approached her and glanced over her shoulder. “Adara, what about the Arcane-Output-Junction?” But the deva was lost in her study already.

The rest of the day passed as Detrius made the Grand Cathedral’s reliquary look like it hadn’t been hit by a localized earthquake and Adara, the Master Artificer, Curator, and Priestess of St. Relonor poured her brilliant mind over the scroll searching for further clues. This went on through the night. The Deva continued her study as Detrius went into his hibernative state. When he came to she was still there, only now she was passed out with her head on her arm and a quill in her hand. She had scribbled notes all over a piece of parchment and there were odd symbols of divine, arcane and other unknown origin scrawled in her handwriting across the page. She had scratched out various sections and made notes on others, making comments such as “misleading” and “flavorful textually but wholly worthless information.” She had small segments circled and lines running all over the old scroll, completely defacing the paper. In the end there was a single entry circled repeatedly… “Kendal Keep.” Seeing this, Detrius groaned and looked at his slumbering benefactor and left the room.

Adara woke gently and sat upright, looking at the pieces of parchment beneath her. She then searched the room calmly. “Detrius?” taking note of the cleanliness and order of the place she nodded and then looked back to the scroll. She traced her finger in a circle around the words “Kendal Keep” and paused for a moment before looking up again. She stood and stretched her muscles that had begun to ache from sleeping in an unnatural position and then rolled up the papers and tucked them in a scroll-case and then into a leather satchel.

The blue hued woman’s eyes widened slightly as she realized that she needed to speak with Bishop Caglieri to request temporary leave in order to search for this item. She tucked the satchel under her arm and headed gracefully out of the artifact repository and down the echoing halls toward the Bishop’s chamber.

Adara stopped before the door and checked off a few things on her fingers before knocking. “Enter my child…” came a voice within. Bishop Caglieri was an older fellow, long with the church and proud to serve under Archbishop Twain. He was a kind man with salt and pepper facial hair and a halo of hair orbiting his scalp. He looked to Adara and smiled, “Oh, dear, it’s you. I wouldn’t have said ‘child’ had I known it was you Adara.” She looked to the wizened fellow and beamed at him as she stepped in. Bishop Caglieri was always a fatherly figure to Adara since she showed up on the Grand Cathedral’s steps in baggy ancient clothes. Caglieri was thrilled to find an astral creature such as Adara in search of the church. He praised the Saints and then welcomed her into the Grand Cathedral. It was under his tutelage that Adara had prospered for the primary years of her re-acquaintance with the church.

“What brings you to me today young lady?” Caglieri asked the immortal. “I’ve found proof of an artifact, Bishop Caglieri. I am here to ask permission to seek it out.” Caglieri eyed the luminous woman with worried eyes. “You haven’t been outside the city since your arrival Adara, it is dangerous.” The deva looked to the man who had tutored her for her few years of ascendance through the church and smiled. “Yes Bishop Caglieri, but I have the blessings of Saint Relonor and Detrius to look out for me. I am confident in my capabilities and feel it is something needed not only for the church but for myself as well.”

Bishop Caglieri looked at the lovely woman before him, remembering what a blessing she had been to the church. Surely her arrival had benefited the church, she was a sign, an astral being sent to tend to the church itself. Her kind were so few and far between that the Grand Cathedral was elevated to be chosen to house one of these astral beings. But beyond all this, he had looked to Adara like a daughter that he had never been fortunate enough to have. He looked upon his student and sighed. “I cannot stop you, but I can wish you a safe journey Adara. May the blessings of the Saints go with you.” The deva smiled joyously and clasped the Bishops hands within her own and bowed her head. “Let us pray.”

The immortal left the Bishop’s room and began to head down the hollow halls of the Grand Cathedral toward her bed chambers to gather her things for travel. She passed scribes and lower priests upon her way and they nodded to her in reverence. She arrived at her quarters and entered to find Detrius standing there tightening a strap across his shoulder which supported a tarnished yet mighty blade. The same blade he had been found with and delivered to the Grand Cathedral’s Artificer with. Adara looked to the bed and saw two backpacks, two bedrolls and a couple of sacks all loaded with supplies. Detrius looked up from his adjustments and stated matter-of-factly “I knew we would be leaving so I took the liberty of packing for us both, you will find everything you need already prepared for you. I have gathered your implements and your tools.”

“Thank you Detrius, you are a blessing to me for sure.” She stated as she watched Detrius shoulder both bags and the full burden of the supplies on his shoulders. “This is what I was made for Adara, long before you repaired me. I am ready to go when you are.” The deva took one more panoramic view of her surroundings, drinking in the view of her home one last time, committing it to memory, and turned to Detrius. “Let’s go Detrius, Kendal Keep awaits.”



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