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To create characters for Primordium, players should follow the guidelines for Character Creation in Chapter 2 of the Player’s Handbook (starting on page 14, or the same procedure in the Essentials books). Backgrounds from Player’s Handbook 2, Player’s Handbook 3, Eberron Player’s Guide, and other sources are also allowed at the player’s option.

Your PC may belong to any race or class presented in the official rules. You should keep the four character roles in mind, and discuss your choices with the other players. I recommend that each of these roles is represented. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Please come up with a character concept that is responsible to the other players and their characters. It’s all right to play a PC who starts out as a pain to get along with, or who thinks he doesn’t need anyone else, as long as you’re willing to transition that character toward a group role, and you don’t allow his “bad attitude” to ruin anyone else’s fun. A PC who’s only out to betray her allies, on the other hand, is not welcome.

The current plan is to begin the campaign at, or near, Kendal Keep, in western Silverland. We can work out what your PC’s doing there, where he came from, and why. If you want to see any additions or alterations to the setting, your suggestions are always welcome. This will be our Brynthia.

I want to see at least some description of your character’s appearance, background, and/or personality, and will reward 250 words or more with a Benefit Point.

Ability Scores
Players will generate ability scores using either the Standard Array (Method 1) or Customizing Scores (Method 2) found on page 17 of the PHB.

I’m not allowing Evil or Chaotic Evil PCs. Any player character whose actions change his alignment to Evil or CE will be removed from the campaign. That’s How It Is.

Starting gold is 100 gp. This is mentioned in Chapter 2, but it is easy to miss. If you can afford it, you can have it. This policy only applies to starting gold expenditures.

For characters entering the game above first level, you begin play with three magic items – one of your level plus one, one of your level, and one of your level minus one. Additionally, you have gold equal to the cost of a magic item of your level minus one. Thus, a new 7th level character would enter the game with an 8th level item, a 7th level item, a 6th level item, and extra gold equal to the cost of a 6th level item. These magic items and any additional equipment purchased with the extra gold may be chosen from the books listed on the Bibliography page.


Changeling (Eberron Player’s Guide)
Deva (Player’s Handbook 2)
Dragonborn (Player’s Handbook, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Drow (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Dwarf (Player’s Handbook, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Eladrin (Player’s Handbook, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Elf (Player’s Handbook, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Genasi (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide)
Githzerai (Player’s Handbook 3)
Gnome (Player’s Handbook 2)
Goliath (Player’s Handbook 2)
Half-Elf (Player’s Handbook, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Half-Orc (Player’s Handbook 2, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Halfling (Player’s Handbook, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Human (Player’s Handbook, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Kalashtar (Eberron Player’s Guide)
Minotaur (Player’s Handbook 3)
Revenant (Dragon Magazine)
Shardmind (Player’s Handbook 3)
Shifter (Player’s Handbook 2)
Tiefling (Player’s Handbook, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Warforged (Eberron Player’s Guide)
Wilden (Player’s Handbook 3)


Ardent (psionic leader, Player’s Handbook 3)
Artificer (arcane leader, Eberron Player’s Guide)
Assassin (shadow striker, Dragon Magazine #379)
Avenger (divine striker, Player’s Handbook 2)
Barbarian (primal striker, Player’s Handbook 2)
Bard (arcane leader, Player’s Handbook 2)
Battlemind (psionic defender, Player’s Handbook 3)
Binder (arcane striker, Heroes of Shadow)
Blackguard (divine striker, Heroes of Shadow)
Bladesinger (arcane controller, Neverwinter Campaign Guide)
Cavalier (divine defender, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Cleric (divine leader, Player’s Handbook) / Templar (Class Compendium article)
Druid (primal controller, Player’s Handbook 2)
Executioner (martial striker, Heroes of Shadow)
Fighter (martial defender, Player’s Handbook) / Weaponmaster (Class Compendium article)
Hexblade (arcane striker, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Hunter (martial controller, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Invoker (divine controller, Player’s Handbook 2)
Knight (martial defender, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Mage (arcane controller, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Monk (psionic striker, Player’s Handbook 3)
Paladin (divine defender, Player’s Handbook)
Psion (psionic controller, Player’s Handbook 3)
Ranger (martial striker, Player’s Handbook)
Rogue (martial striker, Player’s Handbook) / Scoundrel (Class Compendium article
Runepriest (divine leader, Player’s Handbook 3)
Scout (martial striker, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Seeker (primal controller, Player’s Handbook 3)
Sentinel (primal leader, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms)
Shaman (primal leader, Player’s Handbook 2)
Slayer (martial striker, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Sorcerer (arcane striker, Player’s Handbook 2)
Swordmage (arcane defender, Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide)
Thief (martial striker, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Vampire (shadow striker, Heroes of Shadow)
Warden (primal defender, Player’s Handbook 2)
Warlock (arcane striker, Player’s Handbook); rules updates here
Warlord (martial leader, Player’s Handbook) / Marshal (Class Compendium article)
Warpriest (divine leader, Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Wizard (arcane controller, Player’s Handbook) / Arcanist (Class Compendium article

CONTROLLER Hunter Binder, Bladesinger, Mage, Wizard/Arcanist Invoker Druid, Seeker Psion N/A
DEFENDER Fighter/Weaponmaster, Knight Swordmage Cavalier, Paladin Warden Battlemind N/A
LEADER Warlord/Marshal Artificer, Bard Cleric/Templar, Runepriest, Warpriest Sentinel, Shaman Ardent N/A
STRIKER Executioner, Ranger, Rogue/Scoundrel, Scout, Slayer, Thief Hexblade, Sorcerer, Warlock Avenger, Blackguard Barbarian Monk Assassin, Vampire

Character Creation

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