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1) Hamachi.
Choose the “unmanaged mode” download, and choose “non-commercial license” when you install & run this program. Go through the tutorial thing until it gets to the point where it tells you to join “test” with the password “secret.” Instead, join network “PrimordiumGame” and I’ll send you the password.

2) MapTool v.1.3.b84. Be sure to get this specific version of the program.
MapTool requires Java to function, so you may should install that first. If you already have it installed, make sure you have the newest version here.

Once Hamachi and MapTool are up & running, in MapTool, under the “File” menu, choose “Connect to Server.”
On the pop-up that appears, choose the third tab, “Direct.” Here’s what you need to type in:

  • User Name: (Use your character’s name)
  • Password: (I’ll send it to you)
  • Role: Player
  • Address: (this is my Hamachi address)
  • Port: 51234

If you’ve entered everything correctly, you’ll log into the Primordium server (which is only running during session hours, just so you know).


(taken from the Cold Blood wiki)
Playing D&D in a chat-based environment requires a few tricks.

I recommend that you set up an IM account so I can send side-channel communications your way. Trillian is a free program that provides access to most IM clients.

The DM puts descriptive text in bold:

  • Darth Krzysztof > Your footsteps echo throughout the Mortuary’s entrance hall, and its pervasive cold makes you shiver.

If there’s a big brick of text, along with a map or illustration, I’ll try to just e-mail it to you during the game. A particularly long text block will end with one of these, so you’ll know I’m done: ยง (Alt 0167)

Anything your character attempts gets an * asterisk on either side:

  • Jennifer > *Sheen braces her longspear and waits for a charge.*
  • mpw > *Talan searches for secret doors.*

Any dialog goes in “quotes.” If it isn’t obvious who’s speaking, or to whom, use the character name. You can also add physical business:

  • Darth Krzysztof > Joris: “Do you know where we are? DO YOU?!”
  • Jennifer > Sheen whispers to Talan: “Can we trust him?”
  • mpw > *Grimacing, Talan draws his blades.* “To the death, then.”

Please put out-of-character conversation in (parentheses).

  • Darth Krzysztof > *The lemure swings its blobby "arms" at Sheen!*
  • Darth Krzysztof > (does 12 hit?)
  • Jennifer > (no, AC 17)
  • Darth Krzysztof > *But she easily dodges the blow*

  • Darth Krzysztof > Toranna: “That’s all I know.”
  • mpw > (is she lying?)
  • Darth Krzysztof > (roll Sense Motive)
  • mpw > (3)
  • Darth Krzysztof > (if she is, you can’t tell)
  • mpw > (damn) Talan: “I thank you for your time.”

You can use MapTool’s die roller script, or roll your own dice. Whichever makes you happy. I will be rolling Actual Dice.

Chat Based Gaming

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