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Below is a short listing of creatures encountered (and usually fought) by the party.

Session 1
Petrus, Detrius, Laurl, Charl, Sabine, Opaline, Beasley, Wilf, Calista, Jess

Session 2
Eske Rivenshield

Session 3
common bandits, bandit archers (Quill), Aleena

Session 4
goblin cutthroats, goblin beast riders (Turli), gray wolves

Session 5
ogre, hobgoblin beast master (Crummis), bloodseeker drake, spitting drakes

Session 6
Mendel, Sascia, Orona, orc captive, mad gnoll, hobgoblin commander (Yutrin), hobgoblin spear soldiers

Session 7
Goblin cutthroats, goblin snipers, goblin hex hurler (Germli), hobgoblin warmonger (Haggon), hobgoblin battle guards


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