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This page will list active and completed MAJOR and minor quests.

Active Quests

Visit the Caves of Chrysomer (Imed Brosch)
After experiencing a divine vision, Imed has come to Silverland to retrace the steps of Saint Amira. He knows that the Caves are somewhere near Kendal Keep, but no one knows exactly where.

FIND FORTUNE’S FAVOR, the Lost Relic of St. Relonor (Adara)
Adara has traveled from the Grand Cathedral in Malachi to find a coin that was sacred to the patron saint of courage. She hoped to find more information about its location in the library of Kendal Keep’s Chapel – but Voorix of the Dusk Thunder lizardfolk claims that the Ear-Taker orc tribe has it.

Completed Quests

Find Chaplain Aleena
The PCs found Aleena searching for Sir Reynold at the Caves of Chaos.

Justice for Eske Rivenshield
The PCs routed the bandits who sacked Eske’s caravan.

Get the Speartooth Hostages to Safety
Adara brought Orona, Mendel, and Sascia back to Kendal Keep.

Petrus’s cousin, a Knight Templar, went missing, and the paladin asked Hugh Caedmion and the other PCs to find him. They followed his trail to the Caves of Chaos, where he was found in the clutches of the wizard Bargle and his allies in the Speartooth goblin tribe.

Speak to the Dusk Thunder lizardfolk (Faolan)
The Druidic Order of Nine Circles tasked Faolan with finding out why hostile lizardfolk came south into the Direwood. In Hugh, he found someone to translate the Draconic tongue. Lizard king Voorix has assured our heroes that the raiders were deserters from his tribe, and that no further hostilities would arise.


These are random things that the PCs have heard in their travels.

  • A merchant, imprisoned in the caves, will reward his rescuers. (TRUE)
  • An ogre sometimes helps the Cave dwellers. (TRUE)
  • If you get lost, beware the eater of men! (?)
  • “Bree-yark!” is Goblin for “We surrender!” (FALSE)
  • The big dog-men live high in the Caves. (?)
  • The bugbears in the Caves are afraid of dwarves! (FALSE)
  • Lizardfolk live in Blackfoot Swamp. (TRUE)
  • An elf once disappeared across Blackfoot Swamp. (?)


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